Lead Generation

Native Advertising

We started late in the game with the PPI marketing, it wasn’t until 2016 when we really started to smash the leads for a few PPI brands. We focused our attention on Native Adverts across the 2 main networks Taboola and Outbrain.

We started working with the biggest PPI company in the UK; they gave us a small £5,000 test budget to see if we could hit the lead price they needed. At the time that was £20 per lead. Therefore, they needed at lease 250 leads from the £5,000 spend.

After a week we managed to deliver the 250 leads, which hit their call centre to dial out as soon as. We had a number of other criteria now we needed to hit, contact rate, packs out, packs back, claim value etc… This was going to take a little bit of time to see how the leads would run through the pipeline.

What Happened Next

They monitored the lead data and came back and gave us another test of £12,000 budget to get 666 leads in. They wanted these delivered at around 100 a day to the same quality as before. We couldn’t quite the hit the 100 exactly but where hitting 94 one day and 104 the next, pretty consistently.

We’d worked out the platforms that gave us the best return, that consumers filling in the lead on desktop out performed the value of the claim from mobile traffic by 10%. It was such a balance on the cost per click we were paying – pay £2 per click and clear up but the quality was rubbish or pay £1.10 per click and our ads wouldn’t even be seen.

We got the cost per lead at £18 for the £12,000 budget and rolled this campaign out to a spend of £80,000 a week – yes a week! For a lead price of £17.50. All the time rolling the ads to breathe new life into the campaign and always, always tracking the data. Sounds easy but our guys had sleepless nights tracking these campaigns and living and breathing the data going in and coming out of them.

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