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McLaren – Building a purchase ready database

The launch of any sports car will attract a crowd. The question Bentley Motors asked us was how do we get the right audience?

From our data profiling and analytics we’re able to determine those that are just at these type of events to sip champagne, shake
hands with the right people and have their photograph in the ‘faces around town’ section of a magazine.

Our approach is to look for key customer attributes and build from this. Once we have identified the audience, we don’t stop there.
We continue to monitor response and refine, making sure the audience we’ve selected want to engage with what the brand is offering them.

What we provided Bentley Motors with were the real fans of McLaren who had the money to back their passion with a potential purchase.

What We Did

Taking Bentley Motors’ existing customer database we selected a very profiled audience using data insights, then refined this further using a more targeted data profile. Our aim was not only to get an audience to attend the event but those that would make a purchase.

After analysing and profiling the data we had 1,049 potential customers and began to plan our Direct Mail and Email Campaigns.

The Direct Mail came first and already started to increase the numbers on the attendee list. We then took our HTML and CSS skills to design a beautiful bespoke email. Once this was signed off we were ready to send out.

What Happened Next

After only a couple of days, Bentley Motors quickly saw interest in the event increase and soon started to get oversubscribed; this was a great result.
We started at the top of a very small audience selection, with these consumers identified as the ones to attend and purchase and more importantly enjoy the whole experience!

The event was fully attended, by the right people and a huge success.

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In March 2019, Bentley Motors were ready to launch the latest McLaren 600LT model in their prestigious showroom. They needed help, however, to target the right audience to ensure maximum interest and attendance to their launch event.

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