Paid Search & Remarketing

You may have heard of Paid Search, or PPC, and often wondered if it is suitable for your business. There are a wide range of tactics within the Google Ads platform to suit and align with organisational goals, so our understanding of your business is key, in order to facilitate such tactics effectively.

Paid search, unlike Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), usually starts to generate results instantaneously, so it’s a great method to use when a website is in its infancy or whilst longer term strategies are developed. It is an effective way of reaching new customers, through advertising to prospects at the point they are searching for your company’s products or services, so they’re highly likely to convert.

Google Ads Platform

It’s also possible to remarket to potential customers through the Google Ads platform. This is done by utilising display and video campaigns to show adverts to past, already engaged visitors of the website (and audiences who share similar interests) as they browse the internet.

If you have an eCommerce website, we can also create shopping ads for your products that appear at the top of a Google search or within Google shopping results.

Each time a search or shopping ad is eligible to be shown, it enters an auction where each advertiser bids for an impression, which is combined with a quality score (determined by multiple content and user experience factors), in order to rank each advertiser in order. The advertiser with the most competitive content and bid combination gains the top spot and so on. The advertiser only pays the winning bid price, when a prospect clicks on the ad.

How we manage your account

We will assess and discuss a suitable daily click-spend and management budget that meet Omnis marketing goals and lay out a strategy which delivers conversions, as efficiently as possible. Our management of the campaigns includes keyword optimisation, ad content reviewing and creation, demographic targeting implementation, landing page optimisation and analysis & reporting.

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