Email marketing

Email Marketing is a marketing channel that has its good days and its bad days. However, done right we think that most, not all brands, need to add it into their marketing plan.

When we look at running an email campaign for a brand, we approach it from a consumers point of view first. The email campaigns are all sent from the brand the consumer has engaged with and agreed to receive offers from. Full transparency at all times and a clear unsubscribe link if the person wants to opt out. That’s what we’d want to see as consumers, so we do the same!

Most of the time we don’t use email as a stand alone channel, we also wouldn’t recommend a single email send to an audience.

Our approach as always is, first compliance, then data and insight led. We’ve had some great success for our brands and have clients who see some great returns. If you’d like more information drop us an email

Testing & Reports

A/B testing allows us to take your content and let the audience tell us what works best! Which subject line generates the highest open rate? Which call to action created the most conversions? Our campaigns will inform and educate, alongside generating additional revenue.


We work along side Omnis Data and our network of sites to generate the ideal audience for the offer. It starts with the compliance and transparency for the consumer who’s going to get the email. All emails come from the brand for example From Line: WeSendOffers promoting Company Offer Name

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We can also do much more than just create targeted audiences for your offers:

  • CRM integration – ensure your mail platform and CRM system (such as Hubspot) are linked to allow for data transfer and greater personalisation
  • Personalisation – make your emails feel more relevant and personal to the recipient
  • Automation/planning – ensure your emails are sent on the right day, at the right time, without having to be at your computer
  • Profile the engagers of the emails and build tighter prospect pools per offer
  • Customer Journeys – create customer journeys to vary your email content depending on the subscriber e.g. send an email offer on their birthday, or send a 10% discount offer when they sign up to the newsletter.

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