Content Marketing

A website starts with creating good quality content. This can include copy, images, videos, blogs and infographics. Your content should also be used across social media platforms, emails and blogs and any other marketing materials; online and offline.

At Omnis Media we can help with the creation of all of this and more. Starting with discussing your goals and objectives we can create a content marketing strategy and decide what type of content is needed to improve your online presence in particular. We will also conduct keyword research to help us discover what people are searching for around your offering and brand so your content shows on organic rankings.

Generating leads

Your online content should be relevant to your offering with a consistent message across all platforms. We will help you to raise brand awareness and generate those all-important leads and conversions.

We will ensure all of your online content has clear calls to action and that they are all tracked in Google Analytics so we can analyse the effectiveness of the content.

Offline content

We can also help you create relevant offline content for news articles, PR and other offline marketing materials. This will all tie back to your online presence as most offline marketing leads back to online searches.

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